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Recognizing the world’s most
nutritious digital content.


Dr. Hans Ringertz

Former Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee on Medicine or Physiology

We’ve scoured the internet to find the very best content–just for you.

Not all content is created equal. Many digital materials can have powerful effects on us. And many, particularly the ones that make you feel or help you heal, draw their power from neurochemistry.

At Moodrise, our science-backed methodology and digital products are starting to prove that what you watch, interact with, or listen to on a regular basis can improve the way you feel. By pairing curated materials with peer-reviewed literature––to explain how videos, music, and other digital assets function on a neuroscientific level—we’re able to identify the contents of your content.

Working directly with leading clinicians and neuroscientists, we’ve begun to label and organize films, television shows, videos, music, podcasts, other methods of digital storytelling, categorizing them by desired mood state(s) and by the neurotransmitters they’re capable of releasing in your brain.

This year, with the second annual Moodrise Awards, we're making a bold attempt to highlight and celebrate the healthiest content in the English-speaking world, materials that are supported by science and curated specifically to help you regulate or elevate mood, improve emotional resilience, and boost broader well-being.

Peruse these selections at your leisure to learn more about the healthiest doses of digital content, and how and why they can affect you.

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